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Acquisition Press Release Format | Acquisition Press Release Example | Acquisition Press Release Template

Acquisition Press Release Format

{Acquiring Company name}, {the industry in which the company operates} has acquired {mention the target company and when the acquisition took place} announcement came in {Mention where it was announced, some information about the target company and why the acquisition took place}. According to sources {write official relevant information} and {target company name} was acquired for {mention the amount}. The official acquisition date is {clearly mention the date of acquisition}


{Company name} is a reputed {details about the company that is acquiring the target company. A few lines on its products and services} expanding its base {where and how is it expanding} According to a top company insider {any other plans of the company/future plans to be specified briefly}


Industry analysts {what do they feel about this acquisition} The company, according to them concentrates {write a few lines about the acquiring company} This acquisition has brought {a few lines describing how this acquisition has worked for both the companies}


Officials at {Acquiring company name} {talk about the shares, shareholders and the effect of this acquisition on them…also briefly describe the company’s expertise in acquisitions…can write a few lines on the previous acquisitions, if any}


With this acquisition {Company name} {state how the acquiring company has gained and the steps it has taken to manage operations on a bigger scale} The organization structure, says the CEO of {Company name} {write about the organization structure and roles. Information about the company website, changes in the logo if any. Conclude.}



Acquisition Press Release Template

The following press release example shows how to write an Acquisition Press Release:



Rhinozon Acquires Qbay; Strengthens Its Position in the eCommerce Industry  



{Rhinozon}, {the e-commerce giant}, has acquired {another e-commerce company, Qbay last week. The much expected} announcement came in {at an e-commerce meet, where several major industry players were present. Qbay was seeing reduced revenues over the past few years and struggling to cope with the competition when the offer came in by Rhinozon 6 months back.} According to sources, {things got sorted quickly and} {Qbay} was acquired for {a whopping $500 million, the highest valued acquisition so far in the e-commerce industry. The official acquisition date is 25th October 2018.}


{Rhinozon} is a reputed {ecommerce company selling several categories of products such as fashion clothing, home essentials, baby care, kids clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, school supplies, decorative products, electronics, and electrical appliances and furniture. The company has been doing well and continuously} expanding its base {across borders through mergers and acquisitions with foreign/regional e-commerce players besides those from the other industries. It has now acquired Qbay that had the same target market but operated only within the country. According to a top company insider, {more acquisitions are planned over the next few years, to further enhance its sales and revenues.}


Industry analysts {believe that this acquisition will lead to enhanced credibility for Rhinozon and the future looks greatly promising}. The company, according to them concentrates {more on timely delivery and customer satisfaction that has helped build trust among its customers. It is this feature of Rhinozon that works really well for the company.} This acquisition has brought {a huge profit for Qbay while the added suppliers and enhanced customer base has proved beneficial for Rhinozon. It is indeed a win-win for both the companies. Industry majors feel this is the most well-planned acquisition of the era.}


{Officials at} {Rhinozon} {make it clear that terms are agreed upon and those that own Qbay 10 shares will now receive 8 Rhinozon shares. Shareholders, as per industry observers are happy to hold the shares of one of the prestigious e-commerce companies and expect their investment will earn great in the days to come. The acquisition portrays Rhinozon’s capability, expertise, and confidence in taking on another company. Acquisitions are not new to the e-commerce giant, but this one is to be noted. The target companies in their earlier acquisitions were either start-ups that were just stepping into e-commerce or from outside of the industry.}


With this acquisition, {Rhinozon} {has become the number one company in the e-commerce sector. The company has absorbed employees that were working for Qbay into its fold to be able to take on the larger operations and transactions}. The organization structure, says the CEO of {Rhinozon,} {will remain the same and there will be no changes in the roles of the top officials as well. A new website will go live next week and people and the industry are eagerly awaiting the next catchy news from Rhinozon!}



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