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Amazon Press Release Format

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a company owned by, announced {news regarding the new launch or service that is being introduced by the company and the tentative date on which the release is going to be made} {details about the new release and how that release is going to shape up the pre-existing scenario of the company. Details regarding location, number of launches and other preliminary details that concern the launch or service that has been made available } For more information about {link to the company’s website which elaborates in detail about the necessary details regarding the concerned factors or the launch itself}

In the words of {name of a reputed member of the organization} of Amazon Web Services, Inc., {a prominent comment that has been made by that person in regards to the launch of the new product or service. The gender of the person in the third person singular} further added, {another comment made to the media by that person which further elaborates the company’s stance or feelings towards the launch}

AWS is known to make a series of investments and {name of the new product or service} is new in the long list of such investments. {History concerning the launch of the new service or product. Prior developments made before the final launch} AWS has also {situations which have brought the company to make this launch and all the other developments financial, managerial, social, and infrastructural that have been made in order to support the ultimate launch of the product or service}

The launching of {name of the product or service} will be highly beneficial for other organizations as it will enable them to {benefits that the launch of the new product or service will bring to the masses and other companies that are associated with the mother organization} Along with this, the launching of {further benefits that will be enjoyed by the masses due to the launch of the new product or service}


Amazon Press Release Template

The following press release example shows how to write the Amazon Press Release:



Amazon Web Services Widens Their Presence with Their New Infrastructure in South Africa



Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a company owned by, announced {today that in the first half of the year 2020, they would be opening a new infrastructure in South Africa.} {The new infrastructure will contain will consist three Availability Zones in the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region. Currently, AWS has 55 Availability Zones spread over 19 infrastructure based regions all around the world. 12 of these Availability Zones are spread across four different AWS regions, including Bahrain, SAR, Hong Kong, and Sweden. There is also a GovCloud region set in the US, which is expected to be made online in upcoming months.} For more information about {the AWS’s foothold in the global infrastructure you can visit}

In the words of {Andy Jassy, the CEO} of Amazon Web Services, Inc., {“Having built the original version of Amazon EC2 in our Cape Town development center 14 years ago, and with thousands of African companies using AWS for years, we’ve been able to witness first-hand the technical talent and potential in Africa.” He} further added, {“Technology has the opportunity to transform lives and economies across Africa and we’re excited about AWS and the Cloud being a meaningful part of that transformation.”}

AWS is known to make a series of investments and {the new infrastructure in Cape Town} is new in the long list of such investments. {Since the year 2004 Amazon had finished building a development center in Cape Town, which focuses mainly on the building of pioneering technologies. They also develop next-generation software, as well as the technology which is used for the Amazon EC2.} AWS has also {invested in building a number of local support teams which include the likes of customers service representatives, account managers, solutions architects, partners managers and many more in order to help different customers as they move to the cloud. An office in Johannesburg was opened in the year 2015, following which in the year 2017 Amazon bought to Africa, the Amazon Global Network, via AWS Direct Connect. AWS continued its investments in South Africa by bringing prominent infrastructure points to the continent as of May 2018. The cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg saw Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF being launched. These launchings helped the company spread its global presence by adding to the 138 prominent infrastructure locations that it has all around the world.}

The launching of {this new infrastructure zone in Cape Town (Africa)} will be highly beneficial for other organizations as it will enable them to {provide lower latency services to users across the Sub-Saharan African region. It will also enable these companies to take advantage of advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, mobile services and help themselves towards driving innovation. It will also enable local AWS customers to store data within their country itself, with the assurance that this data will not be moved without their consent.} Along with this, the launching of {the new infrastructure regions will enable the people who have agreed to comply with the upcoming Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) will be able to have security measures and infrastructure that protects their data, in the highest standards of international compliance.}


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